And He hath brought us unto this land, even a land that floweth with milk and honey.

    Deut. 26:9  

...now arise go over this Jordan...unto this land. Joshua 1:2

We are a small, family farm located on 23 acres in Columbia, Tennessee. We raise registered, purebred, Nubian dairy goats. We became interested in goat's milk 18 years ago, for health purposes. We discovered we not only loved the milk and the benefits it brought to our health, but we also loved this amazing animal that provided us with this wonderful milk. We started with three girls. Through the years, we've had as many as 25 does. At this point in our life, we're trying to simplify and lighten our workload, somewhat. We're enjoying the small herd we have now.

Besides the Nubian goats, we also have several other animals on our farm. There's our Australian Shepherd, Cowboy, who occasionally is more trouble than he's worth, but loved, just the same!  We have three horses, Chance and Candy, who together produced, Fancy Pants.  We have a miniature horse, Harley, that has been bred to our Jack and we're looking forward to a mini mule in January of 2023.  Over the last two years we have managed to put together a herd of miniature donkeys. We now have 18 mature jennies.  We also have a beautiful, registered jack, Tuco, that is as sweet as any of our girls. In May of 2021, the first of, hopefully many babies, was born on our farm...a girl! 

We have four, registered Jersey cows, at this time. Our miniature bull, John T, and Charlotte and Clarice, two mid-mini cows we have raised from calves. Charlotte had a heifer in 2021 that we plan to keep, as well.  We also have chickens and a few barn cats.

We hope you enjoy our site. Contact us if interested in anything we have available.





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